Goddess is Good, Goddess is Great!

While I’ve been unavailable to most, I have been enjoying the service of the few very select drones who have proven to Me their usefulness and devotion. My Sabbatical has been truly sublime… I’ve practically had no need to demand anything – everything that needs to be taken care of, simply is. This fact serves as evidence to Me, that indeed there are those who understand what servitude means and will act accordingly. Hallelujah! Good job boys, and keep up the good work. Nevertheless, since I am online it wouldn’t be the usual freakshow if, ever so often, I wouldn’t get emails of inquiry, or whatever else they might be, from some lame losers, incompetent sluts or self serving bitches. Ha! Which for the most part I will ignore, (especially when they are comprised of one poorly spelled and badly constructed sentence), but today decided to address the most common errors in their approach.

Soo… giddyup. Just for shits and giggles, lets break this down again. See if you can follow, although I make it really easy for you to comprehend. Here W/we go: I understand that these days most of what is called “femdom” & “fetish” is manufactured to cater to manipulative wankers that are slutting around internet looking for a quick fix, under the guise of “slave” and “servitude”. This is NOT Domination, but fantasy roleplay at a set price. Yes, Virginia – fetish is big business. Since there are many “femdom” mistresses available to choose from, I suggest every “slave” should do their research to find whatever they are looking for – be it someone to serve or to satisfy their masturbatory preoccupations.

The answers to ALL your questions are found here. The theory and the practice are explored in many of My blog entries. Also I suggest you re-evaluate your approach, topping from the bottom is very unbecoming for a “sub” or a “slave” prospect, as well as addressing the issues of you feeling fulfilled and of what fits you perfectly in your initial contact email is irrelevant. Every male who wishes to approach Me and to have contact with Me should first ask himself: “how are you going to serve Goddess Midnight?” NOT think: “gee, she seems like someone who fits what I am looking for”. That approach to Me is useless and inconsequential, and only leads to immediate dissatisfaction. Thankfully, the world is full of many different people, and NOT everyone is for everyone just because they look like they could be. Here is a hint, if nothing else remember the most fundamental principle in FEMDOM: the Female Dominant determines the actual conditions within the context of the encounter.

Indeed I am a FinDomme, which in term implies that I am a PRO Dominant, i.e., FinDom being a natural extension for any Professional Dominatrix who is already being paid for Fetish “services”; as well as I’m a Lifestyle Domme and won’t compromise My intentions here. Ultimately, I do NOT force anyone into being My “slave”, or into buying any of My fetish content. Nevertheless, the ones that do – learn as they go along. you PAY to play, and without tributes from you to Me, W/we simply do not have a relationship & you do not exist. And NO, I do NOT make exceptions, especially not when I am dealing with someone new who has not taken the time to learn who I am, what I expect, nor shown any effort or future possibility to really benefit Me. I have been kind enough, to take the time and provide you with answers to your inquiries, and that in itself is PRICELESS. Think of this as a learning experience – although words do not teach, ONLY experiences do.

Just as every “prospect” initially is looking to serve his needs in the best way, so am I. Frankly, W/we are ALL using each other, and have our motives. But, I make it clear who I am: “a Narcissistic ALPHA Bitch who enjoys using & abusing weak male wallets – submit yourself! KNEEL, WORSHIP & PAY!” And if anyone misses that point, it is their own fault. BUT don’t worry, I’ll be available by phone and IM soon… to remind you all that you might have forgotten… In the meantime, send Me tributes and stand out in My mind, as you enjoy My Fetish content. Otherwise I probably won’t remember who you are once I’m back to business as usual.