French Inhale & Other Fetish Clips

It’s been awhile since I’ve updated My video clips, but what do you expect? – I have a busy life, and so many other things worthy of My exclusive attention. Plus summer’s here and I don’t expect to be around as much, so if you wish to have My attention you will work hard & tribute hard to please Me & to get it. Otherwise, you’ll just have to be content with My fabulous, mesmerizing & intoxicating videos… whenever I’ll feel like putting them out. And today is that day – so, get excited all you bitches, slave wannabes, stalkers & losers – I’ve just added a bunch of NEW smoking HOT video clips to My Video Store!

By now you should know that I luv to smoke, and I have soo many fans who luv to watch Me smoke… And over the years I’ve had many of you beg Me to include French Inhale in My clips… So I decided to indulge you and put My OWN twist on it as well, and here it is! Oh I know, you want to see it BUT 1st you’ll have to purchase it! It’s a dream come true for SMOKE-fetishists, hypno junkies, pay pigs, losers, wankers, fetishists, & My devoted slaves & fans. Don’t wait another minute, click pay, take a deep breath & ENJOY. The pure power will leave you feeling weak, confused, intrigued, and wanting more of Me! While you’re there, buy ALL of My NEW fetish clips and add them to your growing collection – tons of addictive videos of pantyhose clad legs & feet, high heels, dangling and My perfect bare feet with toes painted red up close and in your face – you might as well lick the screen as you worship! What are you waiting for? Go get them ALL now!

NOTE: you may email Me your CUSTOM video requests & I will take them under consideration. Remember to include a tribute with your request! ☛ be prepared to pay for it. FYI: 5 minute minimum at minimum $10 per minute. Silly boys I don’t shoot custom clips for free!  KNEEL, WORSHIP & PAY!