Fetish: Smoking & Human Ashtrays

Ultimate Smoking Goddess

Serve as My ashtray slave.

If you have not figured this out on your own, let Me explain – I am a FinDomme Goddess who enjoys smoking for My own pleasure! And even more so I enjoy training you boys as My human ashtrays. There are many perverts out there, worthless little bitches just shaking with excitement at the thought of being permitted to watch Me smoke and be used as My ashtray – being forced to breathe in My Dominant exhale, taste My Superior ash, and swallow My Delicious cigarette butts. Oh, I know how you drool when you watch Me smoke, holding a cigarette between My delicate fingers, bringing it to My seductive red lips and puffing it, you love to watch smoke pouring out from My mouth and nostrils… mmm.

I know what you’re thinking, you dirty little bitch – it’s no secret that your smoking fetish is associated with oral fixation and you’re imagining the act of fellatio when you see a woman smoking. you’re a filthy little beast and you know it. Oh sure, some of you love the way smoke tastes in your mouth, the rush of nicotine in your brain, the possibility of experiencing pain as the hot ash is snubbed out on your tongue, the excitement of humiliation, objectification, etc. Not to mention the perceived sophistication, worldliness, style, and over all coolness, that has been associated with eroticizing smoking for years in Cinema & Film Noir…

Nevertheless, these days with the advent of anti-smoking campaigns, the act of smoking is turning transgressive & taboo. But I am more then happy to indulge in that taboo. Oh I know, smoking is such a nasty habit, but so is wanking. And W/we both know why you’re here. At last I will turn you into something useful. I know that the world is full of losers such as you who are more then willing to readily accept being My ashtray. Imagine Me smoking many cigarettes, one after another, and ashing directly into your mouth, constantly tapping My ashes and stuffing My cigarette butts into it… The more you beg for it with your tongue sticking out – the more I will enjoy you, putting cigarettes out on your tongue and making you eat the butts – it’s total humiliation – and I luv the power and the control I have while My slave is serving Me at My feet as a human ashtray. The best part is how much W/we both enjoy it! Get your training as My ashtray (among other things) and serve proper via My video training clips! Don’t think, just CLICK! KNEEL, WORSHIP & PAY!