Evil Leather Goddess

From the Book of Revelations: Nudity is for slaves. And the way I see it – it’s seriously so overrated. A True Goddess does NOT need to get naked to fuck and/or rape Her slaves and piggies. She can do it just as well wearing leather – Mmm, it’s so true! I’m feeling exquisitely Cruel today and I’ve been very Evil, Mean and Greedy lately. Ha! Who am I kidding – this is the Natural state of being for Me. And what better way to capture the moment then on Film – now thank Me for being generous enough to share My Fabulous Self with you losers.


It’s been a busy few weeks – and I know you maggots have missed Me. Ha! your emails and tributes say it all for you. A few boys tried to step up, and a few fell by the wayside. Good riddance – I said this before and I will say it again: I will not invest any time into you until you prove yourself worthy of My time. And once you get My attention – you MUST continue to work hard to keep My attention. I have short-term memory with you slave wannabes… if you haven’t done anything for Me in the past 48 hours – if you have not checked in, called, paid tribute, etc. – chances are I won’t remember you! you’re only as interesting and memorable to Me as your last tribute. you came to Me, I did not ask you to come – and I will certainly not chase after you, nor will I ask you to stay. Also, if I’m not answering you, most likely I’m not interested enough in you. Try harder! There is only one path for you ☛ sacrifice & show your love & adoration for Me! And always: the larger your tribute, the more pleased with you I’ll be!

I make it VERY CLEAR who I am and what My intentions are ☛ All you have to do is know how to read, and follow My directions. I can’t help the fact that you are mentally challenged and can’t comprehend English, or that you are too lazy to bother to read. And if that’s the case then I assure you I DO NOT want you contacting Me! Again, I am not desperate – and I  do not like to nickel and dime! Yes, I am Greedy. I am a SNOB. I will manipulate you, I will tease you and I will exploit you. That’s the core essence of My relationships online! Nevertheless, I know that there are plenty of desperate and/or delusional losers and wannabes looking to step up and try their luck – have at it, sooner then later you will strike out. And that’s a fact. That is why I suggest that the “slaves” who wish to contact Me MUST possess that secret desire to submit. you must have the NEED and WANT for Me to control and guide you. Once you are ready, willing and able to step up and work hard ☛ your reward will be My acknowledgment of your existence. And that in itself is PRICELESS! There is no exceptions and no bargaining! you want to SERVE Me? Break the bank! ☛ Kneel, Worship & Pay!