Double the Pleasure, Double the Fun!

These days with the advent of anti-smoking campaigns the act of smoking is turning transgressive and taboo. But I am more then happy to indulge in that taboo, and exploit your weakness by doing what I already do multiple times per day. Oh I know, smoking is such a nasty habit, but so is wanking. And W/we both know why you’re here. So enjoy… you never know when I might quit.

Extreme Smoking Goddess



Yes, I luv to smoke… and you luv to watch Me smoke… And what’s better then a cigarette at a time? TWO at a time! Clouds of smoke all around Me as I puff away, indulge Myself, as you watch Me exhaling and inhaling clouds of Divine smoke, closeups of My Superior face, lipstick stained filter and tongue licking My GLOSSY LUSCIOUS LIPS right in front of your face. This is an INTENSE clip where you’re mesmerized by My Superiority & My GLOSSY smoking hot lips. It’s a dream come true for SMOKE-fetishists, junkies, pay pigs, losers, wankers, fetishists, & My devoted slaves. Don’t wait another minute, click pay, take a deep breath & ENJOY watching it OVER & OVER & OVER! The pure power will leave you feeling weak, confused, intrigued, and wanting more of Me! Don’t think, just CLICK HERE and ADD this gem to your clip collection NOW!