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*NO cam ids = NO cam sessions*

Back to business as usual. My NiteFlirt Phone Lines are ON! Here is your chance again to instantly connect with Me! Here is your chance for confession & absolution. I am a FEMDOM Goddess Who enjoys establishing My authority and flexing My power through correcting your misguided behaviors and inflicting punishment & humiliation, as dictated by My sense of My Own moral Superiority. There is only one path for you… SUBMISSION. I tend to be very old school in My approach to Domination, also I am very protocol oriented. I suggest you know proper D/s etiquette before you approach Me. My Rules of Conduct are included with My Cam ID’s, and are designed for O/our mutual benefit. Be sure to read and follow My explicit instructions, ONLY submissive males are welcomed, otherwise risk automatic dismissal.

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Strict, Serious, Cruel & Sensual Domination for the True submissive. I am very demanding and greedy, but also intuitive and confidential. I do NOT perform for you. I do NOT get nude, and show off on cam, BUT you will. I AM the One in charge of the session, and I will do whatever I want, show whatever I want, and say whatever I want. And it all depends on My mood – it’s up to you to make sure that I am very happy and satisfied with you. Be eager, ready and willing to generously SERVE and please Me! Sincerity must be proven, not assumed. UNTIL you prove yourself to Me, you are ONLY a prospect NOT My servant nor My slave. The time is NOW!
Note: I typically turn on My phone lines to only talk. For cam sessions I suggest you schedule appointments in advance by emailing Me at GoddessMidnight(at)gmail(dot)com to inquire about a possible cam domination.

Still too shy to call Me? Feeling intimidated & inadequate? Not sure what to say to Me? Wanting to Impress Me, but you don’t know how? Looking for a quick fix? NO problem, worship from afarENJOY MY PAY2VIEW STORE: VIDEO’s & MP3’s: FEMDOM / FETISH / HYPNO + much more! Now you have no excuse! Don’t think, just CLICK! KNEEL, WORSHIP & PAY!