A man Can Dream…

Rarely do I find reading emails from “prospects” worth noting, but this one has done well. And since I am in a generous kind of mood (after all, I’ve been enjoying My “Sabbatical” that’s been going on for the past few months now). I decided to use this as an example of what type of emails I expect when you finally gather up enough courage to address Me. Above ALL, I have enjoyed reading his ideal vision of a world ruled by someone like Me – what a magnificent fantasy, I agree. Indeed, I am the center of My universe, and any man who wishes to orbit around Me MUST adhere to this idea, and his words & actions must reflect this fact.

Read, pay attention to capitalization, punctuation, or any other part of orthography that so many of you are careless with, and learn puppets, so that in the future you’ll be more likely to avoid total failure… there might be hope for you too.

Sublime Goddess Midnight, i am so flattered… 

i deeply venerate the coldness in the words describing Your brilliant thoughts and points of view on website and bulletins, beside the delicious way You smoke and face a camera.

i think YOU impersonate all a man can dream about a Woman: beauty, wisdom, greed, sadism, pride, selfishness, vanity, evilness, hedonism, arrogance, cruelty (Are YOU devious and capricious?)

There´s nothing as Glorious in this life as a Lady stating She deserves EVERYTHING She desires, beside making good use of men weaknesses.

In my ideal world there is someone just like YOU ruling from the Vatican (just to mention an icon). Some “Cruel Girl Demonia”, Who owns the whole world´s wills and souls by blind faith and total veneration. . . Some “Gorgous Lady Death” Who desides over people´s life or death by the sound from Her delicate long nailed fingers. Some “Evil Queen from Hell” Who of course enjoy every available material posession on earth, while every living creature work on Her behalf.

i would love to be considered worthy of promoting with my humble inspiration, somehow/anytime, Your True, Authentic Domination.

Thanks for your time, i wish YOU superlative wealth and absolute power.

i kneel at Your Holy feet.


Not everyone is worth the time, nor the effort and I certainly don’t want or care to give attention to EVERY fool that sends Me an instant message, or email. BUT once in a great while I will give scraps of attention to non-tributing slaves… HOWEVER you better have immaculate manners, know protocol, and be useful to Me in some way. I will NOT recognize some random stranger and allow them to become a part of My private, confidential, and personal world. Only the top 1% who prove themselves get that honor. As for the rest: tributing is the only way to gain My attention. Those tired, same-old lame one liners won’t do – so all you self-proclaimed submissives, slave wannabes, wankers, stalkers, fetishists, fans, etc., IF you wish for any recognition, you’ll need to make it more intellectually stimulating for Me. Yeah, that’s right – put some thought into it. Step up and stand out. Better yet, actions speak louder then words, so compliment Me by sending tributes, giftcards, gifts ☛ TRIBUTES for the Goddess!